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New Singer

LifeCry have a new singer! We'd like you all to welcome Cheryl to the band.

"Very excited to get out there fronting the band and contributing to the LifeCry sound" - Cheryl

The Troll Game

LifeCry release The Troll Game. This is just some fun so you can have a go and see if you get the high score! Enjoy! The Troll Game

Second Life Lost - Album Released

LifeCry release their second album Second Life Lost. 11 tracks and we're really excited about this. You can hear it on our media page.

Zara Leaves LifeCry

Sadly, Zara has had to leave LifeCry, although she leaves on good terms. The band are genuinely gutted to lose her, especially due to the hardwork, contribution and impact she has to the sound of the band. She moves due to relocation and sadly, it's not possible to continue, but we all wish her the best.